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About Us



LloydAnns Children Ministries (Children Orphanage) is a foster care center located in the heart of Georgetown, Guyana with a satellite office in Brooklyn, New York.  The mission to touch the lives of children became a reality by building a children’s center that sits on 2 acres of land will house over 40 foster children when completed and open in 2020. Lloyd Anns Orphanage is a ministry and not-for-profit foster home located in Georgetown, Guyana.

Lloyd Claxton is the Founder, Minister and CEO of LloydAnns Orphanage Ministry and, jointly with his wife, Pauline Claxton, RN, demonstrated their deep commitment to the welfare of underserved children by building a nurturing sanctuary.  He is also a Minister and Elder of the Christian Covenant Ministries Church (CCM) in Brooklyn, New York for over 20 years.

He is a dedicated Teacher; Superintendent of Children’s Ministry and is currently the Supervising Minister in this capacity at CCM.  In addition to his dedication to counseling, advocating and providing education and outreach in the areas of social welfare and development for children, Minister Claxton still finds time to work as a Telecommunications Engineer for a major New York telecommunications institution.

LloydAnns Orphanage Ministry was created to meet not only the welfare needs of abandoned, abused and neglected children but, their spiritual needs as well. According to Minister Claxton, “This is the beginning of a home for the children which will be a foundation of new growth.”

Together with supporters in the United States, Guyana, and Caribbean, Lloyd and his wife, Pauline will continue their tireless work to provide a nurturing sanctuary for children.



Pauline Claxton is the wife of Minister Lloyd Claxton, Co-Founder of LloydAnns Children Ministries (Children Orphanage) and is a licensed and Registered Nurse specialized in pediatric hemodialysis.  She has served as a Public Health Nurse (School Nurse) and as a Registered Nurse, Midwife for over sixteen years.  Ever since migrating to the USA, she has devoted her life to children’s’ causes calling herself “voice for the voiceless”.

Pauline is passionate about her role as Co-Founder of LloydAnns Children Orphanage to support disadvantaged children by providing a stable, secure and nurturing environment for their growth. With a combined experience of 50 years working with and supporting children and young people in Children’s/Social Services, Pauline and her husband, Lloyd continue to demonstrate leadership through ministries to improve the lives of children. 

Pauline currently oversees and manages effective programs for the CCM Children’s Ministries.  Specifically, she serves as a Sunday school Superintendent and Teacher by providing exceptional service to children.  She is highly committed to ongoing fundraising activities to meet the financial goals of this important venture.

In her private time, Pauline works as a full-time Registered Nurse for SUNY Downstate in New York, doing important work helping kids dealing with kidney failure.  She is also the proud parent of four children, four adopted children and 3 grandchildren.  Pauline is passionate about mentoring, coaching, counseling and offering encouragement to youths. Pauline continues to strive for excellence which is reflected by her numerous awards and accolades most recently for her outstanding performance and commitment to patients and community and the Caribbean Healthcare Awards for consistent demonstration of the highest caliber of patient care.     

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